food stations


Station 1


Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs

With Cabernet And Mushroom Reduction Sauce


Mashed Potato Bar

Condiments To Include:

 With Chopped Bacon, Crumbled Blue Cheese, Horseradish Sauce, Fresh Basil Pesto And Wild Mushroom Ragout



Station Two: Fajita "Bar"


With Choices Of

Strips Of Grilled Lime Marinated Chicken

Citrus Lime & Tequila Marinated Skirt Steak

Grilled Red, Yellow & Green Bell Peppers, Tomatoes And Red Onions

Served With Soft Warm Flour And Corn Tortillas

Bowls Of Sour Cream, Grated Cheddar & Jack Cheese, Salsa Verde, Traditional Tomato Salsa And Homemade Guacamole



Station Three: Risotto Bar


Traditional Risotto

Served In A Stemless Martini Glass

Fresh Basil Pesto, Shaved Reggiano Cheese, Sun Dried Tomatoes,

Wild Mushroom Ragout, Artichoke Hearts, Kalamata Olives, and Chopped Fresh Herbs



Station Four: Asian Station


Selection Of Sushi Rolls

Including Spicy Tuna, California and Cucumber served With Traditional Soy Sauce, Wasabi, And Ginger


Traditional Pork Pot Stickers

Served With Sweet & Sour Sauce And Chili Oil


Vegetarian Vietnamese Spring Rolls Wrapped In Rice Paper (Gf, V)

Served with Asian Peanut Dipping Sauce


Chinese Chicken Salad

Served In Mini ‘To Go’ Boxes With Chopsticks

Shredded Iceberg Lettuce With Breast Of Chicken, Roasted Peanuts,

Rice Noodles, Green Onions, Cilantro, And Julienne Of Carrots

Tossed In Sesame Oil & Rice Vinegar Dressing